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Purdue University Audio Garden Tour of Corsham Court Garden

Let your iPod be your tour guide through Corsham Court Garden $9.95

Purdue University Audio Garden Tour of Corsham Court GardenPurdue University Audio Garden Tour of Corsham Court Garden

Let your iPod be your tour guide through Corsham Court Garden $9.95

Location: - Corsham Court Garden, England
Type: iPod/MP3 Audio Tours
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Corsham Court Garden, MP3 iPod Audio Walking Tour Corsham Court Garden, England - Download Your Audio Guide

Tour Description: Corsham Court is a masterful blend of 16th, 18th, and 19th century architectural styles that join with the landscape to create a place of extraordinary beauty. It is in the town of Corsham, 3 miles (5 km) west of Chippenham, Wiltshire. The manor house, purchased by Paul Methuen in 1745 to house his extensive art collection, was revised numerous times, including three major extensions constructed between 1749 and 1849. Landscape designer and architect Lancelot "Capability" Brown designed the park and a house expansion, followed by architects John Nash and Thomas Bellamy with mixed successes. In his work on the grounds, Brown retained the great entrance avenue and designed a long haha, gothic bathhouse, and large lake, which was removed by Brown’s successor, Humprey Repton, who formed his long working relationship with Nash at Corsham Court. They laid out avenues and planted the specimen trees, including American oaks, Quercus coccineus and Q. phellos, and the magnificent Oriental Plane. Some of the scenes from Stanley Kubrick's Barry Lyndon were filmed at Corsham Court. The grounds also incorporate a folly ruin, built by Nash c. 1797, incorporating some medieval stonework. The estate is privately owned today by James Methuen Cambell, the eighth generation of the Methuen family.

Stops on This Tour: 1) Introduction, 2) Entry Courtyard, 3) Ha-Ha (sunken stone wall), 4) Shelter Belt, 5) Corsham Lake, 6) Carriage Road, 7) North Walk, 8) Arboretum, 9) Bath House, 10) Former Rose Garden, 11) Lily Pond Garden.

Download PDF Map of The Main Garden

Download PDF Map of The Landscape Park

Tour Length:   Approximately 20 minutes recorded time 

With this tour, you always have a professional tour guide ready to share the history and secrets of great cities. No waiting for a group to form. No having to cut short your exploration of interesting areas because a bus is leaving. No having to stay at points you don't care about because a tour company thinks them special. Start whenever you want. Stop when you are ready. All information has been carefully researched for accuracy and is presented by professional narrators.

The download comes as a compressed .zip file with a choice of MP3 and M4A files. If you have an iPod, use the M4A files because they have pictures that you can see on you iPod while listening to the tour. Please check that the files work to your satisfaction before going on your journey and contact us immediately if you have any problems.