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Munich iPod MP3 Audio Walking Tour

Let your iPod be your tour guide through Munich, $5.99

Munich iPod MP3 Audio Walking TourMunich iPod MP3 Audio Walking Tour

Let your iPod be your tour guide through Munich, $5.99

Location: - Munich, Germany
Type: iPod/MP3 Audio Tours
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Muenchen. Munich. Monaco (if you're Italian). Whatever you call it, the capital of Bavaria is easy to love. Settled by monks in the 7th century and home to the world famous Oktoberfest, Munich is often associated with the image of the hearty German swilling beer and eating sausages in his lederhosen. It's all true of course, but Munich also represents so much more: From it's role as the center of the Catholic Counter Reformation to the birthplace of Hitler's Nazi party, the founding of BMW and the tragedy of the 1972 Olympics, all the way through the city's recent triumph as host to football's World Cup, Munich is a complex tapestry of people and events to rival any in Europe. On this tour we take you beyond the beer halls through Munich's old town as we uncover the history and highlights of Germany's most enigmatic city.

The tour begins outside the old city walls at Karlsplatz where Henry the Lion first established the city and helped make it rich by controlling the salt trade. The tour continues down Europe's first pedestrian mallway and on to the twin spires of the Frauenkirche church, supposedly built by the devil himself and center of the Catholic Counter Reformation. Next we take you to the Gothic New Town Hall, home to Europe's oldest and best known dancing clock: the Glokenspiel, also used as a beacon by Allies in World War II to target the city. From Marienplatz we head south to the newly built Munich Synagogue commemorating Kristalnacht and Jewish persecution in the city. Nearby, the sprawling Viktualienmarkt is full of the best gourmet food the city has to offer. Next, we head north towards the boisterous Hofbraeu House, originally founded to serve only the royal family and later the birthplace of Hitler's Nazi party. From there we head to the stunning monuments along Maximillianstrasse including the National Theater, the Royal Residenz where Ludwig I hoped to recreate "Athens on the Isar River," before abdicating his thrown for the love of an Irish courtesan. The tour winds up near Odeonsplatz where Hitler's coup attempt known as the Beer Hall Putsch was finally put down in 1923 and later became a national shrine.
Sites on this tour: 1) Karlsplatz,  2) Neuhauser Strasse, 3) Michaelskirche & Hunting Museum, 4) Frauenkirche, 5) Marienplatz, 6) St. Peterkirche & Rindermarkt, 7) Munich Synagogue, 8) Schrannenhalle, 9) Vikutalienmarkt, 10) Sparkassenstrasse, 11) Hofraeuhaus, 12) Maximilianstrasse & Max-Joseph-Platz, 13) New Residenz, 14) Odeonsplatz, 15) Hofgarten.

Each track of this tour contains an image of the track's location. If you have a media player that supports images, look for these images.

Munich Walking Map

Starting Point: Karlsplatz
Nearest Station: Karlsplatz
Estimated Walking Time: 1.5 hours

The download comes as a compressed .zip file with a pdf city map showing all the sights listed. We strongly recommend that you print out the map to use while listening to the sights covered. Please check that the files work to your satisfaction before going on your journey and contact us immediately if you have any problems.

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