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San Antonio Riverwalk iPod MP3 Audio Walking Tour

Let your iPod be your tour guide to the San Antonio Riverwalk , $9.95

San Antonio Riverwalk iPod MP3 Audio Walking TourSan Antonio Riverwalk iPod MP3 Audio Walking Tour

Let your iPod be your tour guide to the San Antonio Riverwalk , $9.95

Location: - San Antonio, United States
Type: iPod/MP3 Audio Tours
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 San Antonio Riverwalk MP3 iPod Audio Walking Tour. Welcome to the San Antonio Riverwalk Tour! Download Your Audio Guide. Contains no advertising.

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Tour Description: The San Antonio Riverwalk (also known as Paseo del Río) is a network of walkways along the banks of the San Antonio River, one story beneath downtown San Antonio, Texas. Spotted with historical landmarks, the Riverwalk winds and loops under bridges as two parallel sidewalks lined with restaurants and shops. This tour visits San Antonio’s most interesting historic sites including an architectural walking tour of the King William neighborhood highlighting interesting features of 11 specific addresses. The tour contains none of the annoying advertising or bias found on free downloads.

“Remember the Alamo” is what three million tourists a year cry as they stampede ol’ San Antone’s central mission, the site of the infamous battle/massacre. Crowds come for the history and to party along the tree-shaded Riverwalk. The lively Tex-Mex culture (about 60% of the 1.3 million residents have Hispanic heritage) is worth experiencing. Experience the Alamo and the Riverwalk, but explore beyond in the city where you can fiesta one day and rodeo the next.

The history of San Antonio is fascinating starting with the incredible adventures of Cabeza de Vaca. After becoming shipwrecked in 1528 near Galveston Island, he and three surviving members were enslaved by Indians for six years and then made their escape through the San Antonio vicinity thus becoming the first Caucasians to see the area.

Stops on This Tour: 1) Alamo, 2) Menger Hotel and the Roosevelt Bar, 3) Saint Joseph’s Church, 4) Commerce Street Bridge, 5) Cos House, 6) Aztec Theatre, 7) Main Plaza, 8) San Fernando Cathedral, 9) Spanish Governor's Palace, 10) Casa Navarro State Historical Park, 11) Market Square, 12) The Guenther House, 13) King William Historic Neighborhood. 

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Walking Tour Length: 52 minutes recorded time, 1.5 to 2.5 miles

With this tour, you always have a professional tour guide ready to share the history and secrets of great cities. No waiting for a group to form. No having to cut short your exploration of interesting areas because a bus is leaving. No having to stay at points you don't care about because a tour company thinks them special. Start whenever you want. Stop when you are ready. All information has been carefully researched for accuracy and is presented by professional narrators.

The download comes as a compressed .zip and is designed to be used with the PDF map showing all the sights listed. We strongly recommend that you print out the map and use while listing the sights covered. Please check that the files work to your satisfaction before going on your journey and contact us immediately if you have any problems.