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Moscow Metro iPod MP3 Audio Walking Tour

Let your iPod be your tour guide through the Moscow Metro $8.95

Moscow Metro iPod MP3 Audio Walking TourMoscow Metro iPod MP3 Audio Walking Tour

Let your iPod be your tour guide through the Moscow Metro $8.95

Location: Metro - Moscow, Russia
Type: iPod/MP3 Audio Tours
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Moscow Metro, Komsomolskaya station, MP3 iPod Audio Walking Tour Welcome to the Moscow Metro - Download Your Audio Guide

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Tour Description: If you are a first-time visitor to Moscow, you might be surprised by a suggestion that you take a tour of the Moscow subway. What could be so interesting about rails, trains and escalators, you ask? The Moscow subway is not only a mode of transportation.  Dubbed "the people's palaces", the Moscow metro is, by far, the most ornately decorated transportation system in the world.  It is a monument to the totalitarian epoch, filled with shining examples of Soviet art and style. During a short ride, you will visit seven stations, each with distinct individual look and atmosphere. You will see various pieces of décor including bronze sculpture, Florentine mosaics, frescoed ceilings, chandeliers, art nouveau benches, stained glass and ceramics reflecting the tastes, cultural perceptions and stereotypes of the Soviet Union.

Stations on This Tour: 1) Ploshchad Revolyutsii (Revolution Square is the most famous station of the Moscow Metro featuring 72 bonze sculptures depicting the people of the Soviet Union, including soldiers, farmers, athletes, writers, aviators, industrial workers, and schoolchildren.), 2) Arbatskaya (lit by bronze chandeliers and decorated with floral reliefs), 3) Borovitskaya (Sleek walls faced with white and brown marble and red bricks), 4) Chekhovskaya (Walls adorned with mosaic panels with the scenes from Chekhov’s stories), 5) Komsomolskaya Circular (One of the most luxurious stations, the station's ceiling is adorned with mosaic panels depicting the country's great military leaders.), 6) Komsomolskaya Radial (Avant garde 2-level station with 136 pink and yellow marble columns), 7) Novoslobodskaya Station (The brightest and most ornate station on the Moscow underground and features beautiful stained-glass windows crafted in Riga.).

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Tour Length: 26 minutes recorded time, approximately 1 1/2 hours to tour seven stops

With this tour, you always have a professional tour guide ready to share the history and secrets of great cities. No waiting for a group to form. No having to cut short your exploration of interesting areas because a bus is leaving. No having to stay at points you don't care about because a tour company thinks them special. Start whenever you want. Stop when you are ready. All information has been carefully researched for accuracy and is presented by professional narrators.

Please check that the files work to your satisfaction before going on your journey and contact us immediately if you have any problems.

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