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Tulum, Mexico iPod MP3 Audio Walking Tour

Let your iPod be your tour guide through Tulum, Mexico $11.95

Tulum, Mexico iPod MP3 Audio Walking TourTulum, Mexico iPod MP3 Audio Walking Tour

Let your iPod be your tour guide through Tulum, Mexico $11.95

Location: - Tulum, Mexico
Type: iPod/MP3 Audio Tours
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Tulum Mexico, Mayan Ruins, MP3 iPod Audio Walking Tour Welcome to Tulum, Mexico! Download Your Audio Guide. Contains no advertising.

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Tour Description: Tulum, an ancient Maya city kissed by the Caribbean Sea, is one of the most beautiful Maya sites in the Yucatan Peninsula. This tour contains none of the annoying advertising or bias found on free downloads. You can stand on a cliff at the castle of Tulum and see the sacrificial platform where blood was given to the gods. Go for a swim at the beautiful white sand beach once dotted with Maya canoes trading salt and honey up and down the coast. Download and listen to this audio guide of Tulum and hear the sounds and stories of how this ancient civilization traded and flourished.

Tracks on This Tour: 1) Introduction, 2) Wall, 3) House of the Northwest, 4) House of Halach Uinic, 5) House of the Columns, 6) House of the Chultun, 7) Temple of the Frescos, 8) Residential Platform, 9) Ceremonial Platform, 10) Castle, 11) Palace, 12) Temple of the Descending God, 13) Temple of the Initial Series, 14) Beach, 15) Temple of the Wind, 16) Shrines, 17) House of the Cenote, 18) Cave, 19) Watchtower.

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Walking Tour Length:   58 minutes recorded time 

With this tour, you always have a professional tour guide ready to share the history and secrets of great cities. No waiting for a group to form. No having to cut short your exploration of interesting areas because a bus is leaving. No having to stay at points you don't care about because a tour company thinks them special. Start whenever you want. Stop when you are ready. All information has been carefully researched for accuracy and is presented by professional narrators.

The download comes as a compressed .zip and is designed to be used with the PDF map showing all the sights listed. We strongly recommend that you print out the map and use while listing the sights covered. Please check that the files work to your satisfaction before going on your journey and contact us immediately if you have any problems.

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